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Admission for studies in Autumn 2022 intake for citizens of Ukraine is PROLONGED!
10 Aug 2022

Ukrainian citizens who have fled from the war in Ukraine and have completed their secondary education in Ukraine or Latvia or holding a bachelor degree are invited to apply for studies at Liepaja University for Autumn 2022 semester!

Admission for studies in AUTMN 2022 intake is OPEN!
1 Mar 2022

Dear international students, you are invited to choose one of the following BACHELOR level study programs for your full time studies from 5.09.2022:

☑️Smart Technologies and Mechatronics (2700 EUR)

☑️Environmental Innovation Technologies (2800 EUR)

☑️European Language and Culture Studies (2200 EUR)

☑️Information Technology (2500 EUR)

☑️Computer Sciences (2500 EUR)

MASTER level programs:

☑️Educational Sciences (2700 EUR)

☑️Ecotechnologies (2800 EUR)

☑️New Media and Audiovisual Art (joint with RISEBA / 3800 EUR)

☑️Information Technology (2800 EUR)

From Liepaja to the World - New Serie with Fabory Sakho from Guinea!
20 Jan 2022

Meet Fabory Sakho, 1st semester student at Liepaja University! Find out in the video about his experience during his stay at Liepaja and studies in the study program “European Language and Culture Studies”.

See the VIDEO here

Things to know before coming to Liepaja University
11 Jan 2022

Spring 2022 semester is approaching and soon new Erasmus+ exchange and full time international students will travel to Liepaja University.

We asked to our Erasmus+ exchange students from various countries who are currently studying at LiepU what they could suggest to newcomers.

Information Session "5 good reasons to study IT in Liepaja"
24 Nov 2021

If you are thinking about IT / Computer science studies at Liepaja University, LiepU is inviting you to join the online information session “5 good reasons to study IT in Liepaja” on 25.11.2021, 14:00 pm Latvia time (12:00 UTC time).

Admission for Spring intake 2022 is OPEN!
22 Oct 2021

Apply NOW and start your studies in February 2022!

Discover Liepaja University and student hostel through student eyes - see our new video!
12 Oct 2021

Students from Lithuanian Business College have created a video about LiepU and student hostel.

Discover Liepaja University through student eyes!

LiepU has opened applications for a new preparatory course in “Mathematics”
22 Jun 2021

All prospective international students can now take part in a new LiepU preparatory course in “Mathematics”.

Realize your dreams at LiepU - join our last live session!
16 Jun 2021

International Relations department invites all potential students who are interested in studies at Liepaja University to join the last Facebook LIVE session where LiepU specialists: Ērika Lauberga and Sintija Leigute will give the detailed information about international study programmes offered in AUTUMN 2021 intake!

New undergraduate study programme - Smart Technologies!
8 May 2021

Liepaja University has received a license for the realization of the new study programme “Smart Technologies”!

The professional bachelor’s study programme “Smart technologies” will be realized together with Ventspils University of Applied Sciences which will give a chance for students to obtain a professional Bachelor’s degree in Mechatronics and the professional qualification of Mechatronics Engineer. The programme will be offered in Latvian and English, the student admission is planned in the new study year.

Students are invited to apply for a new master's degree program "Educational Sciences"
5 Apr 2021

Undergraduate students with Bachelor’s degree or second level professional higher education in Pedagogy (acquired at least 240 ECTS) are invited to apply for postgraduate study program “Educational Sciences” and receive Master of Education Sciences degree in just 1,3 years. This Master’s programme both continues the best classical university academic traditions and constitutes a new – more targeted and structured – offer for educators and other specialists who want to develop pedagogical, management and research competencies.

Webinar "Meet LiepU lecturer" from European Language and Culture Studies - Agata Babina
24 Mar 2021

Join us on our next Facebook LIVE on March 25 at 12:00 am UTC time (13:00 am after Brussels time) and meet LiepU Spanish lecturer from the Faculty of Humanities and Arts – Agata Babina who will give insights about studies in the Bachelor’s study program “European Language and Culture Studies”!

How the lectures are held? How this study program differs from others? How difficult is to learn a new language? What are the secrets of learning a new language and many more topics will be covered!

New undergraduate study programme - Environmental Innovation Technologies!
24 Mar 2021

At the end of February, Liepaja University has received a licence for the implementation of a new professional bachelor’s study programme “Environmental Innovation Technologies”. The programme will be implemented in both Latvian and English, and the student admission is planned in the new study year.

Meet LiepU Lecturer: Q&A
10 Mar 2021

Interested in Master studies in New Media and Audiovisual Art at Liepaja University?

Online Event: Meet LiepU Graduates (Q&A)
8 Feb 2021

All potential students are invited to join us on Online Event: Meet LiepU Graduates (Q&A) on Facebook live on February 11 at 12:00 AM UTC time (13:00 AM Brussels time).

APPLY for studies in Autumn intake 2021 and get your desired degree from LiepU!
8 Jan 2021

Dear international students,
Applications for AUTUMN 2021 intake are accepted till 1st July 2021! Do not miss your chance to have a good and recognized higher education from Liepaja University!

Important information for potential students from Pakistan
30 Dec 2020

Dear potential students from Pakistan!

Interview series "From Liepaja to the world" - new VIDEO!
29 Dec 2020

Meet Marie and Louise, Erasmus+ students from France! Find out in the video their opinions on studies and life at Liepaja University and Latvia!

Interview series "From Liepaja to the world" - new VIDEO!
29 Dec 2020

Meet Claudia Artiles, Erasmus+ student from the University of Gran Canaria (Canary Islands / Spain)! Find out in the video her opinion on studies and life at Liepaja University and Latvia, about her reasons of choosing our university and many more!

Virtual Open Day at LiepU on 10th November 2020
4 Nov 2020

All potential students are invited to join a webinar to learn more about Liepaja University offered programs in English for Spring’s Intake 2021!

Student from Bangladesh reveals insights about her studies at LiepU
20 Oct 2020

Farhana Yeasmin from Bangladesh is a Bachelor 2nd year student, who studies “European Languages and Culture Studies” (French and English) at Liepaja University and she reveals her insights about studies in Liepaja.

„My life has very, very changed when I started to live in Latvia. I am too busy here comparing to Bangladesh,” she admits.

Interview series "From Liepaja to the world" - 10th VIDEO!
19 Oct 2020

Going ahead with an interview series “From Liepaja to the world”.
Meet LiepU Bachelor “Computer Science” student from Egypt Omar Mohamed Ayman Riad Ahmed Zikry!

Maria from Poland shares her impressions on studies at Liepaja University
13 Oct 2020

Maria Krajewska is 1st year “European Language and Culture Studies” student. She has chosen to study Latvian as her foreign language.
Maria shares her impressions on studies online, how easy or difficult is to study a new language from the beginning and why she suggests this study program to other students.

Webinar with LiepU international students
17 Sep 2020

We are glad to share our first webinar with international students of Liepaja University in this year!

Watch it HERE:

Apply NOW for WINTER 2021 intake!
15 Sep 2020

We are accepting new student applications for the WINTER 2021 semester!
Wondering why studies at Liepaja University could be an option for you?

New students and new study year has come!
15 Sep 2020

Despite all the restrictions, almost 20 new international students have joined to Liepaja University!

Testimony of LiepU international student from EGYPT
15 Sep 2020

Aly Oraby from Egypt is studying Computer Science at Bachelor’s level at Liepaja University, which is located in western part of Latvia, on the coast of the Baltic Sea. What he thinks about studying in Liepāja?

An exchange student from Philippines reveals how was her Erasmus study experience at LiepU
31 Jul 2020

One semester has already passed since Riza Franchesca Regala from Ateneo de Manila University (Philippines) has started her Erasmus+ studies at Liepaja University (LiepU) in the study programme European Language and Culture Studies in Liepaja, Latvia. What was her experience during the studies and pandemic time, while being away from home till the very end of the study semester and how did she manage with online studies at LiepU? Riza Franchesca is one of the student’s, who received an Erasmus+ grant for studies in LiepU within Erasmus+ KA107 project that LiepU currently implements together with Ateneo de Manila University.

Erasmus student from Mexico - Immerse yourself in the culture of the destination country as much as you can
30 Jul 2020

Erasmus+ exchange student Paola Presa Rodriguez from Mexico, University of Veracruz, which is Liepaja University partneruniversity, received Erasmus+ grant from Liepaja University (LiepU) for one study semester in LiepU. Now she is sharing her Erasmus+ study experience in the beautiful resort city Liepaja.

Online meeting with potential students from Egypt!
26 May 2020

Liepaja University will take part in Virtual Open Week for Egyptian students! Meet Erika Lauberga, International Relations specialist on 3 June 2020 7:00 PM Cairo Time live at MARJ3 FB page!

Register NOW:

Liepaja University shortlisted as one of 10 Most Promising Universities and Colleges in Eastern Europe for Indian Students 2020
2 Apr 2020

Liepaja University has been been shortlisted as one of “10 Most Promising Universities and Colleges in Eastern Europe for Indian Students 2020” in Higher Education Review Magazine.

Join the 1st online presentation about studies at Liepaja University!
30 Mar 2020

Dear potential students!

If you are thinking about studies at Liepaja University, you are welcome to join the 1st online presentation about studies at Liepaja University, study fees, scholarship offers, lining costs and more.

Interview series "From Liepaja to the world" - 7th VIDEO!
11 Mar 2020

Let’s dive into what Daniel Chetrari from Moldova has to say about his studies at Liepaja University and let’s figure out about his life in Liepaja!

Interview series "From Liepaja to the world" - 4th VIDEO!
4 Mar 2020

Going ahead with interview series “From Liepaja to the world”.
Meet Marve, Erasmus+ exchange student from #Anadolu University in Turkey! Find out in the video her opinion about studies and life at Liepaja University and the beautiful wind city Liepaja!

Interview series "From Liepaja to the world" - 5th VIDEO!
4 Mar 2020

Next interview series “From Liepaja to the world”.
Meet Muhammad Muzammil, international student from INDIA!
Find out in the video his view about studies and life at Liepaja University and Liepaja!

Interview series "From Liepaja to the world" - 6th VIDEO!
4 Mar 2020

Let’s discover what Franchesca Regala from Philippines thinks about her studies at Liepaja University and find our about her life in Liepaja!

Interview series "From Liepaja to the world" - 3rd VIDEO!
6 Jan 2020

And there we go again – the interview series “From Liepaja to the world”.
Meet Erasmus+ Master student, Paul Ranly, from Darmstadt University, Germany. Paul is Computer Science student and at LiepU.

Welcome back to the interview series "From Liepaja to the world"!
27 Nov 2019

Let us introduce you Biru Liang from China. Biru originally comes from Hong Kong, China, but in the last years, she has been living in France and stying at Savoie University.

Aly Oraby from Egypt shares the reasons why he chose to study at Liepaja University
6 Nov 2019

Aly shares that the reasons why he chose Liepaja University are: good tuition, the European Standard education, and that Latvia is one of the leading countries in Computer and IT science. Last but not least reason was a choice of the city because as Aly describes, “It is very peaceful and quiet, and the city for studying and having fun at the beach, the clubs, everything.”

University ensures integration courses for foreign students
6 Nov 2019

During the month of October 2019 Liepaja University foreign students had a unique chance to discover and to obtain new knowledge about Latvian culture, traditions, history, society, business and work opportunities, education, social care and administration system of Latvia within the project “Integrācijas ABC”.

Why to study Master's "Information Technology"?
21 Jun 2019

Read an interview with Liepaja University IT Master student Rashmi Adisheshulu from India: why to choose to study IT Master in Liepaja University?

Why choose to study at Liepaja University?
20 Jun 2019

There are many universities all around the World! Here are several reasons why choose exactly Liepaja University?

Check Liepaja University new VIDEO!
28 May 2019

Dear prospective students! Thank you for your interest in studying in Liepaja University!

Application deadline for AUTUMN 2019 intake is open!
10 Apr 2019

Dear students! We have received a lot of applications from you! We are happy to inform that each year a number of potential international students are growing! Thank you!

For AUTUMN 2019 intake we are opening following study programmes:

1) Information Technology (Professional Bachelor) with two directions: Software Engineer and Electronic Commerce Specialist
2) Computer Sciences (Academic Bachelor)
3) European Languages and Culture (Academic Bachelor)
3) Information Technology (Professional Master)
4) Ecotechnologies (Professional Master)
5) New Media Art (Academic Master)

New qualification "Electronic Commerce Specialist" available from Fall 2019!
5 Mar 2019

Good news for potential students! Now you can choose two directions (qualifications) in our Bachelor level study program “Information Technology”:
1) Software Engineer
2) Electronic Commerce Specialist

Number of graduates from different countries is growing!
27 Jan 2019

On 25 January 2019 Faculty of Science and Engineering students had a graduation ceremony. We are happy that in each semester graduation ceremony the number of graduates from different countries is growing!

Apply for Doctoral Studies in Liepaja!
4 Jan 2019

Doctoral programme “New Media Art” was developed to encourage practice-based doctoral studies in Latvia – as it is elsewhere in Europe. Therefore in this innovative programme the academic theoretical research is a basis for artistic creation or practice-based research.

How is it to find a job in Liepaja?
6 Sep 2018

What does Liepaja University IT Master student Lankahaluge Menaka Madusanka Fernando from Sri Lanka says about job opportunities in Liepaja? Is it easy or hard to get a work?
How does he feel about his job? Does he suggest to work parallely studies?

10 Aug 2018

Read about our Bachelor Computer Science student Brian Scott from Sri Lanka. What does he say about his choice of studies in Liepaja University?

8 Aug 2018

Why have you decided to study in Liepaja University?

If you are still doubting whether to apply for studies in Liepaja University, take a look on why did our students decide to apply. Read the opinion of our IT Master student Aries Penetrante from Philippines.

Application for studies for WINTER 2019 semester is over!
26 Jul 2018

For Winter 2019 intake we are opening following study programmes:
1) Information Technology (Professional Bachelor)
2) Computer Sciences (Academic Bachelor)
3) Information Technology (Professional Master)

Detailed information:

Why choose to study "European Language and Culture Studies"?
14 Jun 2018

If you are thinking to apply for studies at Bachelor level study programme “European Language and Culture Studies” at our university, please read the interview with our 1st year students – Amina Heydarova from Azerbaijan!

Check Liepaja University Student Experiences Blog!
14 Jun 2017

Are you curious on how is to be Liepaja University international student?! Read our blog where we are sharing international students photos and stories from their studies and other adventures at Liepaja and Latvia! We are one family! Join our friendly community now! :)

Study one of the most innovative study programme - Master of New Media Arts!
14 Jun 2017

Study NEW MEDIA ART – joint Master level study program at Liepaja University !
Master’s study program NEW MEDIA ART is multi-disciplinary, dynamic, real practice led, reseach-based, oriented towards cooperation and communication. Two pathways are offered:
Rapid development of technologies means that innovations are coming into each and every area, including arts. It is changing forms, habits and thinking of communication. There is a need for artists, who are at the head of new media culture, processes and technologies; who have the skills and abilities to flexibly and creatively react to sudden changes; who participate in creating and researching new products and processes. New media art is multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary, within which creation of art works involves new technologies, and new art environments are created for communication and interaction.
Study programme was launched in September 2010. Students acquire various new media (interactive, multimedia, sound, network etc.) instruments and skills in creating art works. Key of this programme is research – including researching art processes. Emphasis is on art as research – within new media art it means that the artist is not only the creator of art work, but also researcher and practitioner of new instruments, media, technology, social process, scientific discoveries.
Fee per year: 3100 EUR
Admission requirements:
- Portfolio of recent woks.
- Bachelor degree of Humanitarian sciences or Professional higher education in Humanitarian, Social, Art or Educational sciences.

More information:

Applications open from 02.12.2018.
Deadline for applications till 01.07.2018.

Liepaja University implemented the most student friendly online application system in Europe!
1 Nov 2015
We expect that DreamApply will be a great assistance for our potential students who are coming from all across the world.