Study one of the most innovative study programme - Master of New Media Arts!

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Study NEW MEDIA ART – joint Master level study program at Liepaja University !
Master’s study program NEW MEDIA ART is multi-disciplinary, dynamic, real practice led, reseach-based, oriented towards cooperation and communication. Two pathways are offered:
Rapid development of technologies means that innovations are coming into each and every area, including arts. It is changing forms, habits and thinking of communication. There is a need for artists, who are at the head of new media culture, processes and technologies; who have the skills and abilities to flexibly and creatively react to sudden changes; who participate in creating and researching new products and processes. New media art is multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary, within which creation of art works involves new technologies, and new art environments are created for communication and interaction.
Study programme was launched in September 2010. Students acquire various new media (interactive, multimedia, sound, network etc.) instruments and skills in creating art works. Key of this programme is research – including researching art processes. Emphasis is on art as research – within new media art it means that the artist is not only the creator of art work, but also researcher and practitioner of new instruments, media, technology, social process, scientific discoveries.
Fee per year: 3100 EUR
Admission requirements:
- Portfolio of recent woks.
- Bachelor degree of Humanitarian sciences or Professional higher education in Humanitarian, Social, Art or Educational sciences.

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Applications open from 02.12.2018.
Deadline for applications till 01.07.2018.

14 Jun 2017