Erasmus student from Mexico - Immerse yourself in the culture of the destination country as much as you can

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Erasmus+ exchange student Paola Presa Rodriguez from Mexico, University of Veracruz, which is Liepaja University partneruniversity, received Erasmus+ grant from Liepaja University (LiepU) for one study semester in LiepU. Now she is sharing her Erasmus+ study experience in the beautiful resort city Liepaja.

Why did you choose to participate in Erasmus+ study mobility?

I decided to participate in the Erasmus+ study mobility because this experience would provide me with the necessary tools to grow as an individual and as a future professional in my field. After learning that Liepaja University was going to be the host university of this exchange programme I did not hesitate to participate, because this university offers high quality courses that I knew would help me to increase my academic level.

What was the experience in cooperation with the sending and hosting university before, after and during the mobility?

Both universities supported me a lot. Before I was selected as a participant, the sending university solved all my doubts regarding the process of application. During my mobility, the Erasmus+ International Coordinator of Foreign Affairs Department of the sending university was in touch with me frequently. All the department of Foreign Affairs works hard, they always provided me all what I needed on time.

Thank you, Paola!

What are your main academic and personal benefits from Erasmus+ study mobility?

I obtained important benefits from my studies at LiepU, mainly because the courses offered have a deep focus on culture and the elements that compose a language, both of which are significant for my field of study, which is English as a foreign language. I also took courses in Spanish grammar and was surprised by all the new concepts I learned from my mother tongue. As far as personal benefits are concerned, I think I have learned a lot from this Erasmus+ study mobility.Being so far away from home helped me to increase my independence as an individual. After the appearance of the COVID virus I experienced many changes, I had to adapt to new ways of learning and living, and I also had to learn how to face problems while being abroad without my family there to help me.

What were your most striking impressions living outside your country during the Erasmus+ study period?

One of the most stiking impressions that I experienced living abroad was the time zone change, it took me too much time to get used to the Latvian time, I wanted to have breakfast at 3 p.m., because in Mexico it was 7 a.m. Another striking impression was the weather, for me Liepaja was very cold; I am not used to low temperatures or seeing the snow, however, I enjoyed to see Liepaja with snow, it looks so beautiful.

What practical suggestions you would like to give to other students, who are considering the opportunity to participate in Erasmus+ study mobility?

I suggest studying hard to be selected for this exchange program. It is a valuable opportunity that students should try to obtain. I also suggest having an open attitude to receive all the benefits that this exchange program offers. And my last suggestion is: try to strengthen your adaptation skills, because once you arrive at your mobility destination you will have to face many changes alone.Do not hesitate to apply for this great opportunity, you will meet great people and you will learn a lot. Erasmus+ study mobility will improve and change your life for the better.

I would suggest to immerse yourself in the culture of the destination country as much as you can. Get to know the host city, walk around it, make lots of local and foreign friends, study hard and don’t worry if you make a mistake, it’s part of the learning process.

The student’s mobility was financed within Erasmus+ KA107 project that Liepaja University currently implements together with University of Veracruz.

30 Jul 2020