Interview series "From Liepaja to the world" - 3rd VIDEO!

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And there we go again – the interview series “From Liepaja to the world”.
Meet Erasmus+ Master student, Paul Ranly, from Darmstadt University, Germany. Paul is Computer Science student and at LiepU.

1. Why did you choose Liepaja University?
Paul decided to come for Erasmus at Liepaja after the coordinator’s recommendation. “I had a look into the city, into university, and it looked very promising. Now I am here and I am very happy that I made that choice,” says Paul.
2. The first impression of Liepaja?
Weather and the beach are the first things that Paul comes up with. He shares, “My first impression was that it is not that cold in Latvia and the beach is very nice. The first stay I did not expect to go swimming here, but we did and I am very glad we did.”
3. What do you think about the study programs here?
Paul finds studies at Liepaja University quite different than at home university. “It is much more personal, it is not as strict as I am used to,” says Paul.
4. What is your opinion about Latvians?
While the environment is Latvian, Paul spends most of the time with international students. ”… we have few (Latvians) in classes. The once I know are nice, but most of the time we are doing stuff with all international students. I like this very much to get to know all the different cultures all the different ways of life,” Paul explains.
5. Do you think it is easy to find a job in your area?
Even though Paul has not looked into the job market in detail, he thinks that it should not be too problematic to find a job in his field. “General in Europe I think for computer science it is not too bad. I hope that it will work out in the future“ says Paul. Despite anything, Paul stays optimistic and focuses on learning experience at the moment.
6. What is student life like at Liepaja?
Paul enjoys academic, student life, and private time at Liepaja. He shares, “Life is very good here. It is Erasmus, so you are not studying too much and the university is different as I said before so … you can really focus on life, on getting to know all the other people all the other cultures. And you have some opportunities to go out. … And student life – I really enjoy it so far.”
7. Any advice for other students who think to come here for full studies or the Erasmus program?
Without any hesitation, Paul states, “It is a good city, I would recommend it and the university too.” For Paul’s surprise, this experience turned out better than he initially expected. The only advice Paul has for future students “search for apartment beforehand.”

Learn more about Paul’s university’s and city’s adventures in the video HERE:

6 Jan 2020