Why to study Master's "Information Technology"?

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Read an interview with Liepaja University IT Master student Rashmi Adisheshulu from India: why to choose to study IT Master in Liepaja University?

What are your impressions about studies in Liepaja University?
“I think it is quite interesting, because I get to know different cultures and meet new people, who are here. The people in Liepaja are very friendly. My studies have not started yet, those will start in September, but I feel and have heard that professors of the University will be friendly and educate us in a better way, I am looking very much forward to it. I want to have more of technical knowledge, that subjects of Information Technology will be explained much more detailed and on a higher level.”

Why did you choose to study Master studies in Information Technology?
“As I already have experience in working as a Software engineer, I felt that IT is the subject that is already very related to my previous profile. If I will get much more details in this field as a Software engineer, then it will definitely help grow up in my career, as well as the main reason is to improve my progress.”

What do you think about Liepaja University and the city Liepaja?
“The University is pretty good. City is very nice and it is very close to the sea. You can hang out every time. We can get to the main city Riga very easily – in this way I feel very comfortable living in Liepaja.”

You are also working – how is it to work in Liepaja?
“I started to work before 2 weeks at TestDevLab Ltd company, the colleagues are very friendly and I can find out how they work, because I can see that our work cultures are totally different. I find it very good. Once I will be doing my Master studies, I will easier see my future, because later I can get a better job position. That’s the best opportunity that the University has helped me when I was seeking for the job opportunities here paralelly to my studies.”

Is it easy to find a job as a student?
“A lot of students are comfortable, when they can get additional experience, but I never expected that I will get a job, while I will be studying. After coming here, I got a support and I am excited that as a Master student I can work. With a Bachelor diploma you can easily get a job as an intern in IT companies in Liepaja and also if you are doing your Bachelor here, because you alreday have some knowledge in IT subjects – programming, etc. Here we get entirely different support.”

What do you wish for students, who want to study in Liepaja University?
“Rather than expecting too much, just come and you will see quite a lot of things – Liepaja and Liepaja University is that worth. Along with studies, I am working as an intern in an IT company and it is very good that you can have some additional job experience. You can mingle with different cultures.”

Thank you, Rashmi, and we wish you a good luck with your studies!

Deadline for applications till 01.07.2019.

21 Jun 2019