Maria from Poland shares her impressions on studies at Liepaja University

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Maria Krajewska is 1st year “European Language and Culture Studies” student. She has chosen to study Latvian as her foreign language.
Maria shares her impressions on studies online, how easy or difficult is to study a new language from the beginning and why she suggests this study program to other students.

“My studies are going very well. I have been enjoying them very much even though they are completely different than what I imagined my first semester of university would be like. Despite that, I am still trying to make the best of it and working on my self-motivation to get everything done and to have fun. I have also found time to explore some of my interests and hobbies in the meantime to get myself away from the computer when I don’t have classes as sitting in front of a computer for a long time can get tiring. My one problem is that I cannot make friends with other students but I hope I can change this when I move to Liepaja.
I really enjoy studying Latvian as a second language. I have already learned five languages in my life and Latvian is very different from all of them. It is fascinating to me how unique Latvian is compared to other European languages which I had contact with in my life in places where I have lived. I have been wanting to study Latvian for years now and I am happy that I am finally getting the chance to learn it! For me, the hardest part of learning Latvian as a foreign language is the memorizing declinations and conjugations of words. Nevertheless, I see it as an interesting challenge that I am trying to take on to the best of my abilities.
All of my professors are very professional and kind to me. They are very fast to answer any inquiries I send to them which has really helped me deepen my understanding of topics that we discuss during our lectures. I am very lucky to have such professors because I can see that I am already improving my Latvian. Even if I make a mistake, they are always there to explain to me how to fix it and suggest options for improvement.
I am very happy with my experience at Liepaja University. For many years now I wanted to study Latvian and searched for the right place. I know I made the right choice and cannot wait to finally come to Liepaja soon!”

13 Oct 2020