Why choose to study "European Language and Culture Studies"?

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If you are thinking to apply for studies at Bachelor level study programme “European Language and Culture Studies” at our university, please read the interview with our 1st year students – Amina Heydarova from Azerbaijan!

Amina really likes the nature, city life at Liepāja and friendly, open minded people.

“I don’t know how the studies are going to other sections, but I am suggesting this programme! The way how we study is different from my country, it is a lot more pleasant! And it works better then simple studies when you have to learn everything by heart, without any pleasure. For example when I am doing my homework, I do not have a thought in my brains – I have to do this and if I will not do it I will have this or that. I am doing it because I like it! Because I like teachers, I gain satisfaction, I gain pleasure. And that is the biggest reason! Literally I have a very good opinion on overall programme!”

Full text here: www.tumblr.com/blog/liepustudentexperienceblog

Applications open from 02.12.2018.
Deadline for applications till 01.07.2018.

14 Jun 2018