Welcome back to the interview series "From Liepaja to the world"!

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Let us introduce you Biru Liang from China. Biru originally comes from Hong Kong, China, but in the last years, she has been living in France and stying at Savoie University.

Why Liepaja University for your Erasmus experience?

In general about coming to Latvia Biru shares that “I have never been to Eastern Europe before. I am quite curious about this country, people, culture, and language.” Also, she explains that one of the reasons that triggered her to choose Liepaja University was a meeting with an Erasmus student in France from Liepaja.

What was your first impression of Liepaja?

There are two things that come up in Biru’s mind – cats and weather.

About cats, she comments that “there are many cats on the street”. And about whether she states that “Liepaja is not that cold. Before I came to Liepaja, most of my friends told me not to take my summer clothes with me, but actually, when I arrived in Liepaja at the end of August, I needed to buy some summer clothes”.

Do you like to study here?

“I quite enjoy studying here,” Biru says. As a reason for that, she mentions a fewer number of students in classes. She gives an example that “ some classes just have three or four students and so that students can receive direct feedback on our homework and our work”.

What is your opinion about Latvians?

Biru is surprised about Latvian English language skills which she evaluates as very good. She adds that she is especially surprised about younger people who are not afraid to have a conversation in English with foreigners.

How do you think, would it be easy for you to find a job within your major in Liepaja?

“To find a job in Liepaja is quite difficult for me because I cannot speak Russian and Latvian,” Biru answers and elaborates, “I found that even in a restaurant or some cozy shops they need people to speak Russian and Latvian”. However, when speaking about Europe in general Biru shares that from her experience, “ In Europe I found it easy. Like nowadays every country needs people to speak English and even some people speak Chinese”.

What about the student life in Liepaja?

Biru’s most of the days look like this, “I go to university to classes and then I just go to a supermarket to buy something and I cook. … We like to eat some noodles and rice”. Sometimes Biru finds cooking challenging because as she reveals, “It is difficult to find any Asian spices here. So, I need to buy something in an Asian online supermarket”. Regarding prices, Biru shares that students from France will be especially pleased because as she has observed “here the price is quite less expensive than in France”.

Want to say anything to possible students, who are thinking to come here?

Biru recommends coming for Erasmus exchange to Liepaja University as one of the main factors mentioning an interest in learning more about Eastern Europe and having a chance practice English.

To get more insight into Biru’s experience at Liepaja University, watch the full interview with her: www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUlkn8wmZyA

27 Nov 2019