Things to know before coming to Liepaja University

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Spring 2022 semester is approaching and soon new Erasmus+ exchange and full time international students will travel to Liepaja University.

We asked to our Erasmus+ exchange students from various countries who are currently studying at LiepU what they could suggest to newcomers.

Francesco Tursi from Italy says: “The first few weeks, as you know, are the most difficult, but as time goes by you will make friends you will never forget and that will leave their mark. Don’t take your studies too seriously, you must also have fun. And finally, enjoy the city, travel, and discover new places you have never seen before.”

Uneeza Fareed from Turkey suggests travel as much as possible, for example, go to skii trip to Ventspils, day trip to Kuldiga, Pāvilosta; trip to see northern lights in Lapland.

Antonin Boulé from France is optimistic: “I don’t think there is any good or bad advice. When I arrived here, I didn’t necessarily have any preconceived ideas about the country or the people, I just wanted to enjoy the Erasmus exchange as much as possible and make my own once I was there. I will only give one advice: don’t hesitate to try new things, travel, speak English or learn a few words in Latvian and that’s it!”

Berfin Erüz from Turkey warmly welcomes the newcomers: “It is difficult to do something because to the covid procedures, not only in Latvia but around the world. As a side effect, you may become bored from time to time; but encourage yourself by taking a short walk outside. Get lost in the streets or hop on a random tram or bus to see what the city has to offer. Who knows what you’ll find out? Don’t be frightened to be alone; it’s nice to be alone or do solo activities sometimes, but don’t be antisocial! In the group chat write: “Hey! Anyone want to do something?” Go on a trip! Try to visit neighboring countries; when will you be able to travel this route again? You may visit different cities in Latvia on a day trip or a weekend trip. Believe me, time has flown by so quickly that having a plan is essential, but don’t forget to enjoy the moment! I hope you have a wonderful Erasmus experience and leave a good memory!”

Chiara Velardi from Italy gives following advice: “A first tip I want to give is to interact with as many international students as you can, create groups, because remember that you are not here alone there are many other students who come here to study the point is just to spend a semester as quiet as possible, also another tip I want to give now is to visit the park and other attractions that are perfect places to study especially now that spring arrives, also taking as a point of reference the university, which is located in the city center, visit as much as possible the surrounding attractions, you can find many restaurants, bars, places where you can study such as the university library and for the rest enjoy this experience, remembering that you still have to study and you have to participate in the lesson actively.”

Gozel Annayeva from Turkey gives practical advice: “It’s possible that you’ll have difficulties in cooking and finding the items you need in the beginning. Maybe you can bring 1-2 ready-to-eat meals. Some items may be expensive for you. As a result, you can bring a few kitchen supplies with you. Moreover, the dormitory gives you one bed linen, but if you bring yourself a spare, you will benefit. There is a forest nearby, a nice place to take a walk and relax. I recommend going there and taking a walk!”

Wandile Zulu from South Africa advices to pay attention to the following: “In Latvia, winter has arrived. I advise newbies to pack their winter clothing, but not too much. It may be tough to transport your surplus things in this country, especially if you are coming alone. A suitcase and backpack would be ideal for you! Finally in Latvia the Covid-19 guidelines are severely implemented. Before you come, make sure you have a valid EU vaccination certificate (QR code).

Ezgi Örten from Turkey: “The most important piece of advice I can provide to novices is this – I recommend not bringing too many stuffs, you will be able to find all they require here. You can bring forks and spoons if you like. Make sure you have a nice backpack with you, ıt is easy to travel. Medicines! By the way, buying medicine can be costly, and you may need to see a doctor for it (which isn’t always simple), for example, if you need antibiotics. As a result, make sure you have enough medications on hand. If you’re a girl, don’t forget to bring your jewelry. It’s difficult to find jewelry in this town. There are both new and used clothing stores, so you won’t have any problem finding what you’re looking for. Here you will find reasonably priced items. Some of the classes are conducted online, while others are held on campus. As a result, make sure you bring your computer, laptop, or tablet with you. Make sure to bring plenty of spare socks with you, a small but important detail. Socks can be lost or torn. When you want to buy it, I can say that it is a little expensive than usual. In terms of things to do in Liepaja, the beach is lovely, and you may go there. There is a skating rink, however it is now closed.”

Mathilde Guyader from France says: “Do not hesitate to speak to other students whether they be international or Latvian. Friends will be your biggest advantage during this time away from home. They will support and help you. Latvian people have a warming period but once they like you, they will be very nice and very helpful. Also, people rarely bite so what is there to lose?

Dear all, we are looking forward to meet you here at Liepaja!

11 Jan 2022