Webinar "Meet LiepU lecturer" from European Language and Culture Studies - Agata Babina

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Join us on our next Facebook LIVE on March 25 at 12:00 am UTC time (13:00 am after Brussels time) and meet LiepU Spanish lecturer from the Faculty of Humanities and Arts – Agata Babina who will give insights about studies in the Bachelor’s study program “European Language and Culture Studies”!

How the lectures are held? How this study program differs from others? How difficult is to learn a new language? What are the secrets of learning a new language and many more topics will be covered!

Link to online event: www.facebook.com/events/466586071199114/. Registration is not needed!

Study program’s director Elita Balčus accents the uniqueness: “Uniqueness of this study program is that cultural studies are generally offered to students who already know very well the chosen foreign language, besides mainly only one foreign language has been offered to learn. We have included learning a second foreign language without pre-requisites, students are learning it and improving the level of English in a very high level. We are accenting on learning the culture, literature, arts of chosen languages. The programme is academic, which means that professional orientation can be chosen at the level of the Master’s degree. The programme is coordinated with other Latvian and foreign universities where student can further study in such study programs as Translation, Writing Studies, Foreign Language Teacher, International Relations etc. Many students work in language specialties after getting a bachelor’s degree”.

Information about the program: apply.liepu.lv/courses/course/18-elcs-european-language-and-culture-studies

24 Mar 2021