Admission for studies in AUTMN 2022 intake is OPEN!

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Dear international students, you are invited to choose one of the following BACHELOR level study programs for your full time studies from 5.09.2022:

☑️Smart Technologies and Mechatronics (2700 EUR)

☑️Environmental Innovation Technologies (2800 EUR)

☑️European Language and Culture Studies (2200 EUR)

☑️Information Technology (2500 EUR)

☑️Computer Sciences (2500 EUR)

MASTER level programs:

☑️Educational Sciences (2700 EUR)

☑️Ecotechnologies (2800 EUR)

☑️New Media and Audiovisual Art (joint with RISEBA / 3800 EUR)

☑️Information Technology (2800 EUR)

APPLY online:

Application DEADLINE: 01.07.2022.

Having questions, kindly ask to our admission team:

- Erika Lauberga /

- Sintija Leigute /

Read the testimony of Sampath Madhuranga, recent graduate of master level study program “Information Technology” from Sri Lanka: “Continuing my higher studies in LiepU was a turning point of my professional career and personal life as well. The university provides all the facilities, which needed for my studies and the academic staff are very knowledgeable and helpful. They are always focused on student’s studies even studies are organized online during this pandemic situation. The non-academic staff is very friendly and always be there to support for student’s administration works. Study subjects are very relevant to the industry trending technologies and standards. As a result of that I was able to widen my technical knowledge and enter to the Europe IT industry very easily. With the help of Erasmus+ scholarship opportunity arranged by university, I became a full-stack engineer and obtained industry experience by working with industry professionals. I am always proud to be a LiepU student and highly recommend bachelor and master level study programmes offered by Liepaja University!”

Apply NOW and join our friendly international community with students from more then 25 countries!

1 Mar 2022