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Why have you decided to study in Liepaja University?

If you are still doubting whether to apply for studies in Liepaja University, take a look on why did our students decide to apply. Read the opinion of our IT Master student Aries Penetrante from Philippines.

Aries thinks that studies in Liepaja University will be definitely a new challenge and he is looking forward studying in a small European city with a beach!

“After applying in several European universities, I decided to start my masters in IT at the Liepaja University. I am convinced that I will profit from its European standard, opening exciting future job opportunities both in the Philippines and abroad. Latvia is innovative and dynamic. This is the kind of thinking I hope to learn.
In the same way the costs of studies and living in Liepaja are quite reasonable, particularly compared to other European universities. The tuition fees I paid in my previous university in the Philippines (and also the fees of a similar degree) are even higher than those of Liepaja University!
I found the use of English as medium of instruction a compelling argument. Nevertheless, I am excited to learn Latvian as a new language.
Also although the visa application was very complicated, because there is no Latvian embassy in the Philippines, the support system of Liepaja University is exemplary. I also had the chance to visit my favorite city Tokyo, where I had to lodge my student visa application.”

Applications for this program are open now!

8 Aug 2018