How is it to find a job in Liepaja?

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What does Liepaja University IT Master student Lankahaluge Menaka Madusanka Fernando from Sri Lanka says about job opportunities in Liepaja? Is it easy or hard to get a work?
How does he feel about his job? Does he suggest to work parallely studies?

“Finding Jobs in Liepaja is really hard, but not impossible. Due to two reasons finding jobs in Liepaja is hard. First would be language, if you have proficiency towards Latvian or Russian you will have a much advantage. Second would be, people here do not trust foreigners but if you have made friends here you can overcome it specially in Liepaja.

My work is good. I learn lots from it. I have to work as a Software developer, so lots of coding to do. It is possible to do studies with work but it will be really har, you need to think twice before jumping into it. Also you will need lots of help from teachers and your class mates.

I still do not think too hard about future plans. Even-though I am currently looking into several options.”

6 Sept 2018