Student from Bangladesh reveals insights about her studies at LiepU

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Farhana Yeasmin from Bangladesh is a Bachelor 2nd year student, who studies “European Languages and Culture Studies” (French and English) at Liepaja University and she reveals her insights about studies in Liepaja.

„My life has very, very changed when I started to live in Latvia. I am too busy here comparing to Bangladesh,” she admits.

Why did you choose studies at Liepaja University?

Study programmes in Bangladesh are not very well comparing to Latvia. Here I find the technologies and a computer class, but in Bangladesh we can not do anything without a book, we never do practical things as making presentations or reports or freely talking with teachers. Here I can develop myself, it is like an exam for my life. If I would be a teacher, I would like to change the teaching style in my country. I chose Latvia, because here lives my family and this is a nice and calm place. Teachers are very friendly and if I have a problem, teachers always help me to understand things and afterwards I try to make them.

What do you think about your study programme? How is it to study Frech language, which you are studying in Liepaja University?

I like French language, but sometimes it is very hard for me to understand it. For example, to read some articles, but now I know and understand them. Language is very important for people and communication and if the teacher explains me it in English, it is, of course, easier to understand.

Besides studies you are working. How do you combine studies with work?

I do not have much time, I am too busy here comparing to Bangladesh. In this way my life has very, very changed. If you do not go the hard way, you never learn something new. If you want to reach your goal, I think you need to go a different way, then you can learn something and your mind will be open and you can do everything. I really like what I am doing.

What do you think about your future?

In my country I have been always dreaming to become teacher and here my aim is the same – I would like to be a teacher and I want to be a florist as well, as I really like flowers and gardening things. Now I am also teaching to three students how to make bunches of flowers.

What are your impressions about Liepaja city?

I like it too much, because I never get lost as it is a small city and I like the big seaside and the long area of forest, because in Bangladesh you do not have anything like this – fresh air or any space for yourself to be in rest.

What about Latvians?

For me everyone is very friendly and speaking to me. Some people are very happy and even giving gifts at my work, because I am speaking Latvian language. I think that I must speak more Latvian to be able to talk. Also I have a Latvian friend.

Thank you, Farhana!

20 Oct 2020