Aly Oraby from Egypt shares the reasons why he chose to study at Liepaja University

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Aly shares that the reasons why he chose Liepaja University are: good tuition, the European Standard education, and that Latvia is one of the leading countries in Computer and IT science. Last but not least reason was a choice of the city because as Aly describes, “It is very peaceful and quiet, and the city for studying and having fun at the beach, the clubs, everything.”

- What is your first impression of the city?
Aly’s first impression of Liepaja is positive. He enjoys time at the beach, walks to the lakes and stores, and doing sports outside. About the city Aly says, “I like it so much! It is peaceful and safe. I like night walks and walks in the morning”.
- Do you like to study at LiepU?
“The lectures are not very crowded. It is very good to have these small lectures – with professors we have practical works all the time. We can reach professors whenever we want, we can ask questions we want and receive support whenever we need,” says Aly.
- What is your opinion about Latvians?
Aly sharers that people have been kind and very helpful. Sometimes if Latvians do not speak English, they try to find somebody who can help in the situation. Aly explains, “It is kind of challenging for it is a different culture … But when you get to use to the people and how they deal with each other, you get to know them that they are very welcoming. I have some friends in the dorm and they are family”.
- What do you say to other students who think about coming to LiepU?
Shortly but clearly Aly encourages “Just go for it! It is a very good experience.”

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6 Nov 2019